Argentinian Frontier Schools

They are entities made up of people of all ages who, with autonomy and without distinction of races, creeds or political ideas, work in friendship and as a team, join forces to build a better Argentina.
Distributed in the provinces of Buenos Aires, Córdoba, La Pampa, Santa Fe and San Juan, the C.A.S. institution carry out important local activities, collaborating with the Municipal and Provincial Authorities, thus becoming true links of social support and the community chain.
In these more than 30 years, the C.A.S., in addition to the creation of frontier schools, have been promoters of various service works:
*Opening and maintenance of nurseries, homes for children in transit and children's homes.
*Attendance at school canteens.
*Creation of municipal libraries.
*Maintenance of eldery people homes.
*Orthopedic instruments donations and assistance to the disabled.

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